Saturday, October 22, 2016

The "Spanish Titan" Alfonso Del Rio (PART 1)

Alfonso Del Rio was born in 1977 in the town of Tarifa, Spain. He is one of the biggest and greatest bodybuilders in his country, a real mountain of muscles who can reach 160kg/353lb in off season condition and 130kg/287lb during competitions! 
He moved to Madrid when he was 20yo where he came in contact with bodybuilding. Previously he had trained as a powerlifter and had tken part in several sport competitions related to this discipline. 

Alfonso started his bodybuilding career in 2003 (he was 100kg/220lb), he won several local titles in Spain and NAC Championships in 2003 and 2005. He has been competing as an IFBB Pro bodybuilder since 2008. 

Enjoy this impressive man!

Body stats:

Height: 182cm/6'
Off season weight: 150-160kg/330-353lb
Competition weight: 125-130kg/276-287lb

Pro Competitions 2008-2015:

2015 IFBB Europa Orlando, 6th
2013 IFBB Toronto Pro Super Show, 11th
2013 IFBB Mr. Europe Pro, 7th
2011 IFBB Arnold Classic Europe, 10th
2011 IFBB Sheru Classic Pro, 8th
2011 IFBB Tijuana International Pro, 5th
2011 IFBB Phoenix Pro, 5th
2010 IFBB Europa Super Show, 13th
2010 IFBB Phoenix Pro, 8th
2009 IFBB Europa Super Show, 10th
2009 IFBB Tampa Pro, 18th
2008 IFBB Atlantic City Pro, 16th
2008 IFBB New York Pro, 16th
2008 IFBB Iron Man Pro, 16th